4 thoughts on “Words of Life or…?”

  1. You bless me with your words of hope and a future. I have followed you and your ministry since I saw you on Andrews live Bible Study. I live in Kentucky and there are very few churches that speak the real truth here. Aside watch and listen to the various ministries that are teaching the truth I have to wonder, why are there not any churches or extentions near us. Listening to this download from you has given me more hope! I do correspondence at Charis, just started 3 months ago and I hope to continue after my 1st year at a campus. God is working on my husband. Believe in agreement for him to come on board.
    Thank you for your love of God that shines forth as you speak and teach His word. To hear someone from another country who doesn’t have the view the states here have about everything is so nice. So much more peaceful. You are a Blessing to more people than you know .
    A sister in Jesus
    Laurel Tucker

    1. Many thanks for your encouragement Laurel, we appreciate that! Keep looking into Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. Blessings.

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