Two Farmers

Two Farmers

The story is told of two farmers that had been going through a drought. Both farmers prayed to God for rain for their crops, but only one of them planted seed. The other farmer was waiting for rain before he planted.

When the rain came which farmer do you think received the harvest? Which farmer actually believed the rain was coming?

So often we pray to God for the rain, but we neglect to plant the seed or prepare for the rain. We don’t sing the song until we see the fruit of the womb, we don’t enlarge the place of our tent and strengthen our stakes for the days that lie ahead.

Most folks in the church want to “claim” as a promise Isaiah 54:2 which is all about enlargement and increase. I’ll let you into a secret, Isaiah 54:2 is not a promise, it is the result, the outcome of Isaiah 54:1 which is a command to sing! You cannot “claim” a command, you obey it! When you walk in obedience watch the blessings follow and overtake you.

You need to start singing your song now before deliverance comes, you need to start planting your seed now before the harvest, don’t be like Zechariah in Luke 1:5-25, 57-80, who sang his song after the event!

Will you sing today as you are surrounded by barrenness? Will you plant the seed of God’s word in your heart, even though the soil appears dry?
Allow your song to be sung now and give thanks to God for what He is about to do in your life, amen?

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