Use Your Authority!

Let the saints rejoice in this honour and sing for joy in their beds, May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands, to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with fetters, their nobles with shackles of iron, to carry out the sentence written against them. This is the glory of all his saints. Psalm 149:5-9

 As Christians, we are not called to fight the devil. Satan, the devil, is our adversary, but he is already defeated! He has been judged and we are the ones authorised to execute his judgement!

So, we don’t fight him, we execute the sentence that has already been passed on to him; it is a part of the blessing of being in Christ.

To carry out the sentence written against them (satan and his demons). This is the glory (honour) of all his saints. Psalm 149:9.

In John 16:11, Jesus said, “….the prince of this world is judged.” That means he has been sentenced! We have the responsibility to keep satan and his demons where they belong….under our feet!

The resurrection of Jesus made a champion of YOU! The Bible teaches that you have been raised together with Him (Jesus), and made to sit together with Him in heavenly places. Ephesians 2:6.

You are seated with Christ, far above principalities and powers. You occupy the place of authority in Christ, now, far above satan and everything that is connected to him; praise the Lord!

You are anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power. You are superior to any foe that comes against you because of Christ in you. You are the victor because He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.   (1 John 4:4)


2 thoughts on “Use Your Authority!”

  1. God’s Best this day 2/22/17 to a true man of God John Donnelly…
    My name is Michael Malo and I watched your teaching with Andrew Wommack last night on
    ….AT the age of 68 at the present
    time I want more God…God use me and God has been leading me to supernatural and divine connections including your teaching last night….I KNOW IT’S CHRIST IN JOHN BUT JOHN THE MAN HAS TO WILL HIS SOUL TO SPEAK THE WORD OF THE SPIRIT….AGAIN THANK YOU AND ENJOY YOU TIME IN AMERICA WITH YOUR WIFE IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF CHRIST JESUS….SHALOM !!

  2. I was well enlightened through your ministering with Andrew Wammack.
    God bless your ministry and your partners.

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